He Cheated on his wife, but then he Found Out Something Huge

Having a divorce these days is a common thing to do. People separate for different reasons, and we see it every day. But when it comes to the story we’re going to tell you today, there is nothing common about it.

It is about a man who wants to divorce his wife. But, what starts as an ordinary request ends in a big surprise. This story will remind all of you what the word love actually means, so hold on.

One day, the husband decided to come home and hand his wife the news that he wanted to divorce her. She did not seem upset at all, but wanted to know what was the reason.

When the husband started elaborating it, she got really angry and dropped her plate of food, started yelling, saying that he is not a man anymore.

The husband and the wife argued the entire night, after which she locked herself up in the bedroom and cried for the rest of the night, looking for an answer to what had happened.

But what the wide did not know is that her husband was in love with another woman called Jane. He did not feel love for his wife anymore. He only felt sorry for her.

He showed her the divorce papers, leaving her a car, the house and 30% of the stakes in the company. She was so angry with him that she tore the divorce papers into pieces in front of him.

But the husband really did feel sorry for her. She dedicated her last 10 years of her life, energy, devotion and love to this marriage, and now all she was to him was a mere stranger. This is when the divorce became more real and she finally broke down in tears in front of him.

The husband went to work and when he got back home that night, he saw his wife sitting on the dining table writing something down on a piece of paper. He did not feel hungry so he went upstairs right away and went to bed.

apparently, what she was writing were the terms for the divorce. She handed him the paper the following morning, she did not want a thing from her soon to be ex-husband, except for them to live like there is no divorce for the next month, because their son had a difficult exam and she did not want to burden him with anything else.

She had a second request too. She wanted him to carry her into the house, over the threshold and into the bedroom, like he did on their wedding day, every single morning for that next month.

He thought she was insane, but still agreed to her terms in order to make the divorce more bearable.

On the first day they did it, they were both a little clumsy, but when their son saw them, he cheered in joy. When the husband got out of the house, the wife just told him in a very soft voice not to tell a single thing about the divorce to their son.

They already improved on the second day. She could nest herself into his arms and he could feel the scent of her shirt.

It is then when he realized that he had not seen his wife with open eyes for a long time. Wrinkles have started appearing on her face and her hair had turned a little gray. For a second he asked himself whether he is to blame for that.

On the third day, he felt a flash of intimacy between them. It was all coming back. He was holding in his arms the woman he spent the last 10 years with. She gave him everything.

As the days passed, he felt more and more connected to her and felt that she became a little thinner and easier to carry.

One morning he it just came to his head how much pain and anger she might feel towards him, so he instinctively brushed his hand over her head.

In the exact same moment, their son got in the room to remind them that it is time for him to take his wife in his hands and carry her.

The wife took their son in her hands and held him tight. When the husband saw that, he had a spash of emotions inside of him.

On the last day, as he took her in his arms and carried her out of the house, he knew that he had made a wrong choice. He went to his mistress, Jane, and told her that he is leaving her instead of his wife.

It all came back to him, as clear as day, on their wedding day, he held her over that threshold and swore to her that they will be together until death separates them, no matter what.

So he decided to stay. On the way home, he stopped at a flower shop, picked out the most beautiful flowers and told the florist to write a card saying he will carry her till death parts them.

He hurried back to his wife, but unfortunately it was too late. His wife had passed away in her sleep while he was not at home.

What he did not know was that she had been suffering from cancer for the past couple of months, but he had been too preoccupied with Jane to even notice it.

She must have known for a while that she did not have much time left, so she made her husband carry her around the house, and make sure that in the eyes of their son, he was the loving father and husband. So, he carried her out for the very last time over their door frame..

at the end, what we could take out of this story is that we often realize what we have right before or just after we lose it.

Go back to the day you fell in love with a person and make sure you are making the right decision when breaking things off with someone.

John Borsov

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