You Will be Surprised How this Woman Looks, and she Was Called “Half Ton Killer”

Many people that have a gained body weight issue thing that they have no hope, but this article can be inspiration for them. This shows that the human body is truly amazing. Majra Rosales, is a woman who will probably don’t know how she gained half a ton, but the way she looks now, can be an inspiration for many people.

Majra spend her life in a bed and could not move. For many years she lived as an invalid. In 2008 she was accused for killing her nephew in a way that she fell on him, and because Majra though her live is over and she toked the blame.

The accusation came from her sister and Majra was transported to court. Majra was so big that 10 people were needed and a moving van to transport her and pieces of the house were took down.

The court bought a king size mattress, so Majra could live in the court room until they decide was she guilty or not. Majra was found innocent, and her sister was found guilty.

Majra agreed to look after the other nephews because her sister got 15 years prison. Majra took 11 surgery’s, to remove the fat.

After that Majra had other health improvements such as low blood pressure, low cholesterol levels, she cured diabetes etc. Majra now has a new boyfriend and about 18.000 people which admire her will and hard work.

This woman is definitely an inspiration for many people out there.

Watch the video below to see the full story about Majra Rosales.



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