What does the Half Moon on your Fingernails Actually Mean

Have you any idea what the white half moons on your fingernails mean? These whitish areas of the bed of the fingernails are a very important part of the body and you should definitely be careful not to damage them, ever.

So, this white half moon goes under the name lunula, which roughly translated in Latin means small moon. It is one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

Half Moon on your Fingernails

Half Moon on your Fingernails

The lunula actually represents the visible part of the root of the nail and by any means should not be damaged. If you damage that part, it means that your entire nail is in danger.

But, if you damage another part of the nail, it will either fall out by itself or be removed surgically. At this point, the lunula will stay intact and your nails will continue to grow.

The lunula is not actually white, but it appears so because of the protective layer of the nail. It is usually most visible on the thumb but note that not all people have lunulas which are so visible.

In a big amount of the cases, the thick layer of skin that surrounds the toenails and fingernails can cover the lunula, partially or completely.

The alternative medicine chose to believe that the lunula can reveal a lot of parts connected to the health of a person.

Here is an example – the traditional Chinese medicine says that if a person lacks lunula, then he or she suffers from malnutrition or anemia, and that a very pale, or even a little blue lunula is an indicator for diabetes.

And finally, if any person has reddish lunulas, they may experiense some cardiovascular issues.

At the very end, if your fingers lack lunula, it means that your body is fighting against indigestion. This means that your metabolism ir very slow and that the toxins are more easily build up in the body.

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