The Body Warns you – your Hair Can Tell if you Experience a Heart Attack

Are you aware of the fact that for everything that happens in our bodies, whether it is bad or good, the body sends signals for it?

Let us take the heart attack as an example. for instance, the people who experienced a heart attack firstly experienced some chest pains. But this did not happen with all people.

Some heart attacks can occur very slowly, and some within seconds, it all depends on the circumstances. Either way, the body shows symptoms prior to it.

Hair Can Tell if you Experience a Heart Attack


But, this is where most of the people are making the biggest mistake. There are many symptoms that the body sends to us, but we neglect them and do not go to the doctor in time. It is of utmost importance to seek medical attention sooner rather than later.

Your body is always the one that warns you before anything happens. In the case of a heart attack, the hair will be the one that will warn you. Let us explain to you how.

The hair contains a high amount of the hormone cortisol, and the cortisol is the one that will tell you if a stroke is coming your way.

And even though the cortisol can be measured through the saliva, urine and blood, when it comes to the hair it is different.

A hair strand, about 5 or 6 inches long, can show the level of stress in a person, and how much it has increased through the last period.

This has been done on 56 people that have previously experienced a heart attack, and their hair was compared to people who have not experienced it.

In addition to this, the expert in cardiovascular diseases Chauncey Qrendi claims that there are four main symptoms when a person is having a heart attack.

The first one is chest pain, although it does not accour with everyone. Then it is followed by nausea and sweating, shortness of breath and finally problems with the stomach.

Take good care of your body because by the last statistics, the heart attack is the number one killer in America. Keep yourself healthy!

John Borsov

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