Google Records and Stores the Conversations around your Phone

A function of Google’s search software allows the company to record and store everything you say around your phone and search at your personal history page.

This feature is intended to let the people search with their voice, and the aim of the storage of the recordings presumably is to enable Google to upgrade its language recognition tools and to provide the people with better results.



However, this function can be a great invasion of your privacy since some of your most intimate conversations can be heard, even though Google claims that the collected information is never going to be used against you.

Nevertheless, there is a way to listen and delete all of the information which is collected by Google.

How to Listen and Delete Your Conversations?

Google has a specific audio page and a record of what you have visited on the internet. The new audio portal was introduced in June 2015, and it has been active for the past year.

This means that by now it contains plenty of information about what you have said, which you have probably thought that it was said in private.

The recordings function as a reminder of the different situations and places that you and your phone have been in.

You can see more if you have an Android phone, which can be activated by saying “OK, Google”. Nonetheless, you can also have recordings on any device that you have interacted with Google using.

In case you have never disabled the feature, you can see a list of audio recordings and a transcript of the audio that is converted to text, which can be checked by heading to Google’s history page.

The good news is that the Google’s recordings of your search history can be deleted and the functions can be disabled.

In order to delete certain files, you should select the check box on the left. Then, go back at the top of the page and press “delete”.

If you want to delete everything, you should click “More”. Next, select the “Delete options” button and press “Advanced”.

The best way to prevent Google from recording everything is to turn the virtual assistant off and to never use voice search again. However, this solution cuts off one of the best things about using Google search or having an Android Phone.

John Borsov

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