Google Is Secretly Recording the Conversations around Your Phone

Google’s Voice Search function has been storing recordings of your voice since June 2015. The company secretly records the conversations that people have around their products.

Even if you aren’t using the Google Voice, it may still be recording everything you say. Although the recordings can serve as a reminder of various situations and places that you have been in, they may contain very intimate information from any computer or Android device that you have logged in with your Google account.

Google Is Secretly Recording

Fortunately, there is a way in which you can delete the collected files and stop Google from recording you again.

How to Find and Delete the Recordings?

If you aren’t content about Google’s recordings of your voice, you can easily delete those files by following the instructions listed below:

  • Log into and click the Options button;
  • Go to Voice & Audio Activity page, where you will be presented with a list of stored recordings;
  • Select the checkbox beside each file’s title and click Delete.

How to Stop Google from Recording You?

If you are concerned about Google’s invasion of your privacy, you can disable its Voice Search function. has outlined the following steps for Android users:

  • Navigate to Settings and tap the General tab;
  • Find the “Personal” function and click “Language and Input”;
  • Go to “Google Voice Typing” and select the Settings button;
  • Click “Ok Google” Detection;
  • Go to the “From the Google app” option and move the slider to the left.


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