It is a Forgotten Vegetable and Yet it is the Healthiest on the Planet

Plenty of experts believe that this is the healthiest vegetable on the planet, and this is not far from the truth, but unfortunately, we have completely forgotten about it. And can you guess the name of this vegetable? It is the watercress.

What you must know about this super healthy vegetable is that it is filled with iron, it contains even more iron than the spinach does! It also contains more Vitamin C than the oranges or the lemons do.

Forgotten Vegetable and Yet it is the Healthiest


The watercress is packed with plenty of nutrients and can provide many health benefits. It is unfortunate how this plant was forgotten as the years passed. Even though it can originally be found in Eurasia, today it is common throughout the entire world.

A recent study showed that currently, this is the healthiest vegetable on the planet. Why? Because the watercress can reduce the oxidative stress and increases the antioxidant effect.

It can provide with plenty health benefits, such as stimulating the appetite, refreshes the body and purifies the blood, and cleanses the body as well.

Many people still use it in a form of a juice. Experts say that you should consume this juice but in 1:5 ratio, meaning one watercress juice and fie parts of water, because it is a pretty powerful plant that can cause inflammation in the throat or stomach if not consumed properly. And you should definitely not drink it every day, but every other day will do the trick.

The watercress is a juice that can be highly beneficial if used externally too. You can treat various skin imperfections, skin diseases, hair loss and so on. All you need to do is rub the juice on any affected area and use a watercress compress. If you use the crushed leaves, then you should know that they can reduce the sun spots on the skin.

Several other studies have also shown that the watercress can stop the growth of the tumor and metastasis if it is injected into the body (note that these tests were done on animals).

It is also claimed that this vegetable can prevent cardiovascular diseases, and that it can stop the spread of breast cancer. All the while it is highly recommended to be consumed in a salad by the smokers because it has great impact on preventing the effects from the smoking do damage to the body.

How to make this watercress compress? Easy – just chop up the leaves from the vegetable into small pieces. Before you apply them on the infected area, make sure that it is clean, or better yet, wipe it with alcohol.

When you’ve created the compress, the next step you should take is to secure it with a bandage, and you have to let this compress on your skin from 2 to 4 hours.

After that time is up, remove it and wash the area with cold water. You can use this compress to treat various skin issues.

And how to make the watercress salad? First, you need to wash the leaves, then, put them in salt water and vinegar mixture and leave them like that for an hour.

Afterwards, mix the watercress with chopped garlic and lemon juice. You may also add some olive oil and some salt and pepper.

Don’t forget – you must leave the salad for three hours before you consume it. This salad is an amazing dietary food. We hope that with this article we have helped you.

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