Here’s why you Absolutely Need to Uninstall your Phone’s Flashlight app

How many times have you caught evidence on people spying onother people, all around the world? Have you haver thought about the danger of spying on someone?

Have you ever thought that it might happen to you? Well, before you answer all these questions, make sure you turn to your smartphone. Experts claim that as much as the smartphones make our lives easier, they don’t seem to be that private after all.

Uninstall your Phone’s Flashlight app

It is an interesting story concerning cyber security issues. It is believed that an app, which most people download and use, and that is the flashlight application, is a complete malware.

Approximately 500.000.000 people have downloaded this app, and they are all in danger because of it. It is one thing to go to the store and buy a flashlight, which of course you willuse whenever you need to.

But this is different, When downloading this application, you are actually giving permission to this application to collect all the data from your phone, including your location, chat conversations, phone numbers and even tweets.

Basically, when you turn the flashlight on, it takes every bit of information it can find, and sends it through a satelite dish into what is so far known as three countries – India, Russia and China.

The purpose of this privacy breach is mostly criminal, but if a nation would like to collect more information about the Americans, this may be the perfect way to do so, giving the fact that everyone installs this application.

Not only it is recommended to uninstall it, but it is significant to reset your entire phone. The flashlight application is infected with Trojans, which operate in the background on your phone long after you’ve uninstalled the flashlight, continuingly collecting data such as your online bank account etc.

Some experts noticed a strange behavior with their smartphones upon installing the flashlight, and when they looked deeper into it, they discovered this.

This is how it is – the top 10 flashlight mobile applications, 500 million people have been infected by downloading it, because the application works in a malicious way.

If you’ve already made the mistake of installing it, do an immediate uninstall, do a backup on your phone contacts and all the data you need, and take it to a service where if you have trouble doing a factory reset yourself.

The biggest trouble is negligence. This has actually been found out earlier by the FDC, and they have recently made a settlement with one of the top 10 flashlight application creators, settling on what is known to us as Privacy Policy.

Before you download this app, you have to read it, it is 25 pages long, and it explains how they want to spy on you and steal your information, and by clicking on the button to accept these terms, you let the malware in. Of course, noone cares to read it, they all just hit the accept button, and it is done.

Just look at this as the icing of the cake. Have you ever imagined how many cyber breaches have been occurring nowadays, especially when everyone has a smartphone or laptop?

We give this to our children, we let them into our homes by installing such applications. An advice here would be to seach the Google PlayStore for an application that takes aroung 100 KB.

Usually these infected apps use from 1,2 – 5MB, and that is a lot of required space if you only want to turn on a light switch. This is the only way you can be safe.

John Borsov

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