Some Fascinating Facts About the Left Handed People you’ve Probably Never Heard of

Approximately five to ten percent of the population is left handed. I myself am right handed and am lucky to have various friends around me who are left handed themselves.

When I was younger, I always found it odd that left handed writing. What I didn’t realize back then is that these people have quite a struggle having to constantly adapt to a world that is largely built up for right-handed individuals, taking regards that almost all of the products found on the market are geared for right-handed people.

Facts About the Left Handed People

Left Handed

They might spend their lifetime getting used to this world, yet in time they develop a protocol, one which helps them easily overcome the everyday hurdles and tasks, resulting in them to feel more independent than the rest.

In contrast to the right-handed people who use the left side of the brain the most, comes a conclusion about these people that they use the right side of the brain.

The one responsible for the, imagination, creativity, intuition, holistic thought, insight, 3-D forms and music awareness. On the other side, since we’ve mentioned it already we should forget to mention that the functions of the left side of the brain include, logic, analytic thought, reasoning, language, written, number skills, and science and math.

Following are some of the most common facts researchers found the most of the left-handed people share. I bet you’ve never heard about any of the below mentioned, and hopefully this will help you get to know your left-handed sports a little better.

  1. They are three times more likely to become alcoholics;
  2. They tend to reach puberty four to five months later than is normally expected;
  3. They are especially good at particular sports including: tennis, swimming, baseball and boxing. Did you know that approximately 40 percent of the tennis players are actually lefties!
  4. Four of the seven most recent US presidents were left handed!
  5. The above mentioned one connects with the one we’ll mention here. It was proven that among college graduates, the left-handed one go on to become 26 percent richer than their other fellow colleagues.
  6. The word left originates from the Anglo-Saxon word lyft, meaning broken or weak.
  7. At various stages in history, people have considered the left-handedness a variety of things, such as: a mark of the devil, a sign of rebellion, criminality, a nasty habit, a sign of neurosis, and even homosexuality. Later in time was starting to be considered to indicate a musical ability and creativity.
  8. Mothers who give birth over their 40, are 128 percent more likely to have a left-handed baby in contrary to a woman in her 20s.
  9. Even though the human population the right-handed population dominates over the left-handed one in proportion 90-10, animals seems to be equally split between right and left-pawedness.
  10. Due to the fact that left-handed ones use the right side of the brain, it’s expected for them to be more talented in spatial awareness, architecture and math, in contrary to the right-handed ones who are more talented verbally.
  11. Did you know that about 30 million people in the US are left-handed!?
  12. Also, the fact that one in four astronauts was left-handed.
  13. It was proven that left-handed ones are more prone to allergies and asthma unlike the right-handed people.
  14. Also, one fact I always found too strange is that all of my left-handed friends had an easier time learning to use the other hand in contrary to me. Every time I used the left hand for example when writing was like writing with my feet.
  15. The longest words that can be typed using the left hand only are tesserae decades, and sweater dresses.
  16. The left-handedness runs in your blood. Lets take the British Royals for example. Lefties include Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William.
  17. They are more likely to suffer from insomnia;
  18. It’s no wonder that the left-handedness was connected to criminality back in the days. Actually, some of the biggest criminals of all times were left-handed, including Osama Bin Laden, the Boston Strangler and Jack the Ripper.
  19. They have a holiday to celebrate too – An International left-handers Day which is on August 13.
  20. Lefties are better to adjust to seeing underwater.
  21. And when discussing emotions, psychologists have discovered that left-handed people actually process emotions differently, and tend to get more angry faster in contrary to right-handed people.

I bet you had no idea that there are certain character traits about left-handed people other than right-handed ones. Well, now you do!

John Borsov

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