What will Happen to you if you Eat Eggs Every Day

The egg should be included in our every day meals, but we do have to give it more credit than it already has. It is of vital importance to eat whole eggs.

Over 90% of the egg’s calcium and iron found within the yolk. Plus, they are filled with protein, and other than that, here are some reasons why you should eat eggs on a regular basis.

Eat Eggs Every Day

Eat Eggs Every Day

  • People with iron deficiency will find that the eggs are very helpful. Iron is the carrier of oxygen in the body, so it plays out a very important role. If it is not spread out properly, people are showing symptoms such as irritability, tiredness and headaches.
  • Eggs have a high satiety index, so they can make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. One large egg provides the body with all of the necessary nutrients except Vitamin C. This is why for breakfast usually the egg goes along with a glass of orange juice.
  • They are far better to consume for breakfast than any type of cereal. Several studies have shown that eating an egg for breakfast increases the satiety and help with losing weight.
  • They do not increase the blood cholesterol. In the 1990s, the eggs were not a very popular meal dur to studies showing that the egg yolk contains about 210 mg of cholesterol. But, they never put into perspective that the processed foods, filled with fatty acids and sugar can have greater impact on our cholesterol levels than one egg ever can.
  • Eggs are great for a nutritious dieting plan. Study has revealed that people who do not include eggs in their dieting plan suffer from Vitamin A, E and B12 loss. The importance of the egg in a nutrient adequacy is extremely high.
  • Eggs are an excellent source of choline, which is a nutrient facilitating the brain development. One egg a day provides a pregnant woman with 28% of the daily requirements of choline. Choline is also vital for women who are expecting, especially for brain development of the fetus and to enhance it’s lifelong memory.
  • A natural source of Vitamin D, essential for obtaining great bone health. Eggs have a big role in prevention of osteoporosis, along with other dairy products, filled with calcium.
  • Want to have healthy hair and nails? The vitamins, minerals, amino-acids – they are all a part of the egg, which can help with achieving just that – healthy looks. People who especially suffered from zinc, sulphur, Vitamin A and Vitamin B12 deficiency claim that they have noticed their hair to grow faster upon adding eggs in their every day meals.
  • The best quality protein comes from the egg. The protein is important for it repairs the old tissues in the body. Although the milk and the meat are filled with proteins, the egg is the only one that counts for the full 100%. Milk is rated to be 93%, beef and fish 75%. One egg contains the same amount of protein as 30 grams of cooked fish or meat. Apart from being rich in protein, it is the cheapest version of it too.
  • Broccoli, spinach, and of course the egg are known to decrease the risk of cataracts up to 20%! They are an exceptionally great source of zeaxhantin and lutein, antioxidants which keep the eye as healthy as possible.

That is why getting enough of these nutrients is very important, and the best way to do it is through consumption of eggs.

After reading this, there is no doubt that you will adjust your dietary plan and insert one more product. You will not regret it!

John Borsov

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