Look what Durian Fruit can Do to you

Thailand is in mourning these days. Another foreigner died after consuming durian and Coke. What he did not know is that the combination of this fruit with Coca Cola is a deadly one.

Other than this, there have been many other reports how durian can be deadly for a person if it is combined with alcohol, milk, coffee or cola.

Durian Fruit

Durian Fruit

The man who reported this case is Kim-Siang Ng. He reported that a tourist, 28 years old, had died from excess intake of durian, and afterwards drank a small Coca Cola can.

He calls this combination the cobra poison, warning people not to make this combination of foods, ever. Even Thailand always warns people about not drinking anything that has plenty of caffeine in it minimum 8 hours after eating the durian fruit.

The source tells us that the man was Chinese, and that he had suffered from caffeine intoxication by all the surge in the blood pressure, causing the cardiac arrest, ultimately leading to his death.

There is even a study, which was conducted by the University of Tsukuba, led by the professors Hiroshi Gemma and John Maninang proved that this combination can be deadly indeed.

The fruit durian is filled with sulphur, which impairs the alcohol breakdown and stops the enzymes that are responsible for clearing out all the toxins from the body by up to astonishing 70%.

The study basically shows how the toxins cannot be cleared out of the system because of the high sulphur content in this fruit.

The bottom line is, you always have to be careful when you are going to another country. As a tourist, you would probably like to try everything that a country can offer, so please, do inform yourself about any consequences that a meal can bring. Preserve your health and your body at all times!

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