Silent Diabetes Symptoms you should All Know

The most common symptoms for type 2 diabetes are the frequent urinating, numbness of the hands, feet, and constantly being thirsty.

But, other than that, there are some symptoms which show that there is more that the body shows when something is wrong with your sugar levels. Here are the symptoms of diabetes which you could have never guessed before.

Diabetes Symptoms

1. You snore – very loud and frequently. People who snore are bound to have stress issues, thus increasing the blood sugar levels.

This is why several studies have shown that half of the people who have diabetes type 2 have had sleeping difficulties.

Another study has shown that 23% of the patients who had problems with snoring were diagnosed with diabetes several years later.

So, it is highly recommended to check yourself for this disease if you have previously been diagnosed with any kind of sleeping disorder.

2. Changes on the skin – you will start noticing some dark patches on your skin, around the elbows, knuckles, on the back of the neck, it means that you have elevated levels of blood sugar.

Some scientists claim that even though this condition may be a matter of genetics or a hormonal disbalance, it can be a sign of diabetes too.

The high levels of insulin boosts the growth of the skin and creation of melanin, making some skin patches change color and become darker.

The tests can either show that the patient already has diabetes or just has an elevated blood sugar levels. Either way, in order to fight against it, the patient has to lose about 10 pounds, of course, with the help of a medical professional advisor.

3. Your hearing will become worse – this is the silent symptom of diabetes. If you cannot hear your friends speaking or need to turn up the volume of the TV more often than before, then you may just show symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

In comparison to people with normal blood sugar levels, 30% of those whose levels are higher than normal experienced some form of hearing problems.

4. Strangely, your vision will improve – this time getting rid of your glasses all of a sudden is not a good sign. Some patients who have been experiencing elevated blood sugar levels have claimed that their vision has suddenly improved and have stopped using their glasses.

But shortly after that, when their insulin levels were back to normal, they reached for their glasses again. Even though there has been no official research to confirm this, doctors claim that improvement of the eyesight is tightly connected to diabetes.

5. Itchiness – the diabetes impairs blood circulation, leading to itchiness and dryness of the skin. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Some of the patients who were diagnosed with diabetes complained of a relentless itchiness of the extremities, hands and feet.

Doctors should take this symptom into consideration and people who are experiencing this, should consult with a medical person immediately. Diabetes is a serious issue, so be careful.

John Borsov

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