Blood Test will Detect Alzheimer’s Disease before the Symptoms Emerge

Alzheimer’s disease is impossible to be diagnosed in the early stages. The major reasons why this occurs are because the symptoms of this disease, such as confusion, loss of memory, difficulty to think, to reason and to concentrate, are easily confused with normal aging signs and because these symptoms appear very slowly.

Nevertheless, the nowadays science is closer to detecting the Alzheimer’s disease in the early stages by testing the blood of the patients which will provide them with an early treatment of this disease.

Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease is on the Horizon

Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists are about to develop a new way in which Alzheimer’s disease can be detected early, long before the appearance of its symptoms.

The aim of the researchers is to determine the risk of this disease by using levels of substances that get into the brain, otherwise known as autoantibodies, in the blood as biomarkers.

Soon, this disease can be detected simply by doing a blood test, which will enable the doctors to identify the patients who are exposed to this risk and to work on finding a cure.

According to a research led by Dr. Robert Nagele of Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, New Jersey, each individual possesses an excessive amount of antibodies in the blood which profile is changeable due to the gender, the age and the presence of a particular injury or condition, or a neurodegenerative disease.

Apart from detecting Alzheimer’s disease, the autoantibodies in the blood may be very effective in identifying an early stage of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, as well as breast cancer.

Dr. Nagele states that an early detection of this disease will provide the patients with a possibility to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by making lifestyle changes, such as exercising, having a proper diet and managing their blood pressure.

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