Croatian Sea Organ Uses the Wind and Waves to Create Hauntingly Beautiful Harmonies

The sea organ, or “morske orgulje”, is a 230-foot long musical instrument located on the coast of Zadar, Croatia. This architectural object uses the energy of the winds and waves of the Adriatic Sea to create mesmerizing sounds.

This is the first musical instrument ever built that is being played by the sea. It has carved steps in white stone, under which 35 musically tuned tubes are placed.


The waves push air through the tubes and, according to their size and velocity, they produce musical chords. In the following video, you can see the Croatian sea organ which plays random, but harmonized and soothing notes by using the movements of the sea.

During the World War II, Zadar suffered tremendous devastation and destruction. In order to repair the damage, the city underwent a chaotic reconstruction work which turned the major part of the sea front into a monotonous wall.

The sea organ was built as part of the project to redesign the new city coast. This object was opened to the public in 2005.

It was designed by the Croatian architect Nikola Basic who was awarded the European Prize for Urban Public Space for this sea instrument.

The incredible organ is one of the greatest Croatian tourist attractions, which allows the visitors to enjoy its unique enchanting sounds.

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John Borsov

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