This Common Mistake you Do in your Car can Endanger your Health

If you leave your car outside with the windows closed, you can seriously damage your health and the health of the passengers.

Whenever you park your car in a place with a good shade, it accumulates between 400 and 800 mg of benzene. And, if you park it directly exposed to the sun, at a temperature that is higher than 16 degrees Celsius, your car accumulates between 2000 and 4000 mg of benzene, which is 40 times more than the safe level.

Common Mistake you Do

Common Mistake you Do

When you sit in your car with the windows closed, you are inhaling all this benzene. By doing so, you can severely damage your liver, your kidneys, and your bone tissue.

The drivers are always advised to open the windows of their car before activating the A/C. Nevertheless, the vehicle’s manual doesn’t provide a clarification for this advice. Here is a medical explanation for this recommendation.

Why Should You Open Your Windows Before Turning the A/C On?

Various studies have shown that before the aeration and cooling system starts to cool the air inside your car, it spreads warm gases into the air, including the benzene which is a toxin that can be responsible for causing numerous diseases.

Therefore, whenever you enter your car and the A/C is turned on, you should keep the windows open for a few minutes. Afterward, you may close the windows and enjoy the cool air produced by the A/C.

In addition, you should keep the windows open for a few more minutes before turning the engine on. By developing this little habit, you will protect your life from the poisonous benzene and from all the health threats that come with it.

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