The Amazing Properties of Coca Cola

Do you wish to know some brilliant tips and tricks that will improve your day to day life and everyday look? Stay here and keep on reading, we will give you some tricks that you wish you had known sooner. And the most interesting part is, that you use Coca Cola in each and every one of them.

Amazing Properties of Coca Cola

  • If you happen to have a hyperactive child or that’s just you, small accident can happen. For an example, you can get a chewing gum in your hair. We’ve all experienced it, and here is an easy way to get it out. Just pour a Coca Cola can over it and let it soak. The gum will slip through your hair and fall by itself.
  • When you have those grease stains on your clothes, getting them out can be quite the challenge. But, you can always add some Coke to the detergent in your wash cycle. Turn on your washing machine and let your clothes run as they usually do, and the stains will be gone. And if it is a really hard stain, then just pour some of the beverage directly on it.
  • If you have rusty tools, then just put them in a bowl filled with Coca Cola and they will all be shiny again.
  • When you come back from the hair salon, and your hair color does not look exactly like you wanted, don’t be depressed. Try using Coke, pour a couple of cans on your hair or soak it in, it will even out the highlights. Just don’t expect that your hair dye will go away.
  • To diminish the burnt residue on your dishes, mix some Coke with the dish detergent and hot water, pour it over the dishes and let it sit like that for a few minutes. The stains and burns will come right off.
  • Clan your dirty windows with Coca Cola! Just pour some over your window and let it like that for a minute or two. Then scrub it out.
  • Finally, pour some Coke in your toilet and let it sit for a while. Scrub it away and flush it. Your toilet will be spotless!

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