6 Foods That Will Cleanse Your Body from Nicotine

Smoking is a very harmful habit, which is associated with many negative health consequences. Nicotine, the main constituent of cigarettes, is responsible for the addictive properties of the tobacco.

Cleanse Your Body from Nicotine

The intake of this toxic compound can cause numerous health problems, including lung damage, heart issues, hypertension, thyroid disorders, and type 2 diabetes.

Even the people who have managed to quit smoking can experience the aftereffects of the nicotine, which can last for many years.

Fortunately, there are certain foods that can help you to remove this substance from your body. Here are the best foods which will cleanse your body from nicotine.

Dry Herbs

Dry herbs are rich in vitamins A, B, and E, which are highly beneficial for protecting your immune system and cleansing your body from all the damaging toxins.

In order to remove the nicotine from your body, you should add these herbs to your everyday drinks.


The pomegranates are an excellent remedy for improving the blood circulation. Apart from cleansing your body, these fruits can help you to quit smoking if you eat them on a regular basis.


Kiwi is a southern fruit which is one of the best sources of the vitamins A, C, and E. The nicotine drastically decreases the amount of these vitamins, so their consumption is essential for reducing the levels of nicotine in your body.


This green vegetable is abundant in vitamins B5 and C, which are very effective in improving your lung health.

Apart from reducing the toxins in your body, the intake of broccoli can help you to increase your levels of energy and to lose weight, so you wouldn’t have to worry about gaining a few extra pounds when you quit smoking.

Carrot Juice

Even when you smoke a single cigarette, the nicotine remains in your body for at least three days. If you smoke regularly, your body and skin are being constantly damaged.

Due to its high content of vitamins A, B, C, and K, the carrot juice can not only cleanse your system from nicotine but also improve the quality of your skin.


Smoking causes dehydration, and increasing the daily intake of water will help you to rehydrate and detoxify your body. In order to cleanse your body from nicotine, you should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water on a regular basis.


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