Causes of Cancer

What is a proper reaction for when a person just found out that the snacks they and their children love eating so much are filled with petroleum?

To clear up, petroleum is a yellow liquid, it is earth-mined and produces motor oil and gasoline. But, the other use for it is when it is being processed and used in food products. Most of the products have children for their target area.

Causes of Cancer

causes of cancer

You can spot the products which are inserted with processed petroleum by their bright colors and distinct taste.

The FDA still isn’t very much concerned about this fact, but other countries have banned some of these products, claiming that it poses a serious health issue to consume them.

The artificial food dye can cause a number of side effects, starting the list with asthma, alergic reactions, obesity, diabetes, hyperactivity, cancer, hypoglycemia, organ damage and birth defects.

Because of these reasons, the European Union and British government have decided to end the use of dyes in food through Europe, and it’s been this way since 2009 and 2010.

And it is not only for the processed foods.the dyes are even used to freshen the appearance of fruits and vegetables.

There are several extremely dangerous color, by the names Red 40, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6. the Red 40 is scientifically proven to cause immune system tumor in mice, and hyperactive reactions in children, among with allergies.

Yellow 5 is proven to have the same effects, but also create organ failure. And finally, Yellow 6 causes adrenaline tumors and makes children suffer from hypersensitivity.

Here are some food which contain these dyes, and avoid them:

  • M & Ms, these chocolates are dipped in all three colors, and plus in other additional colors which cause bladder and brain tumors, and stops the development of the nerve cells.
  • Fruit snacks, such as jam filled cereal bars and other fruit based snacks use these colors in order to make their products more appealing, but pay a high price for it. Here Red 3 is commonly used, the one who is banned for causing thyroid tumor.
  • Pop tarts, especially the most favorable one, frosted strawberry, is highly toxic. Everything from a liver problem to diabetes, every possible disease you can imagine, comes with a package of this product.
  • Cheetos, where they are not only colored with one of these colors, but are also dipped in artificial mix of flavors, containing highly toxic ingredients. Some of these substances are putting children and adults in danger, making them addicted to the food, and create gastritis and abdominal distress.
  • Finally, the teddy grams, which are often found to be inserted with one or two of these dyes, create all the problems we previously mentioned, and some addtitional ones, such as delirium, anxiety, stomach cancer, vomiting and nausea.

For how long are you going to give your body harmful substances? Switch to fresh and healthy food, and switch to a local store.

Buy from certain people, who will provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables, no additional properties. Fill yourself up with nutrients that your body requires.

And at the very end, if you find yourself concerning about the health of your children, make sure to read the labels on your toothpaste, shampoo, hand cream, laundry detergent, vitamins and cough syrup.

These are the products you’d like to keep an open eye on, for they may contain similar toxic substances.

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