Murdered Doctors – they Dicovered Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines

There has been great intensity over the last couple of months concerning people who invested in alternative methods of helping other people.

Throughout these months, 5 natural health doctors and scientists tragically passed away or had been intentionally killed, and another five doctors were reported missing due to unclear circumstances.

The Neon Nettle has reported that the majority of the doctors who were killed happened in Florida, the United States.

Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines

Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines

What all these dead scientists had in common was that they were all in contact because they discovered that an enzyme, called Nagalase, was included in injections that were later passed on to be tested on human beings.

Now something about the Nagalase enzyme. It is a compound that can stop the generating of the Vitamin D in the body, which is crucial to demolishing the cancer cells.

It is also a protein that is created by the cancer cells. The Nagalase is found in young autistic people and is included in all the vaccines.

Bottom line – the Nagalase stops the proper functioning of the body. It stops the production of Vitamin D, increases the risk of cancer cells and autism, and finally, is know to trigger type 2 diabetes.

So, someone was not eliminating these doctors for doing their jobs or that they had found out the cure for cancer or autism, but they were eliminated because they did more than their job required.

They started asking questions and soon enough came to the truth – the vaccines they were eagerly giving to all the children were triggering both cancer cells and autism!

Apparently, all of those scientists and doctors who were murdered in Florida were gathering the results and tests and were ready to go public with this revelation.

One doctor tried to go public with it but he was ultimately cut from the program. When the program was back on, the doctor who was on simply claimed to the audience that he is in no way suicidal.

The doctor was scared that he would never see the light of day and that these results would never become known to the public.

What was left was a 19 minute clip, but the most important part were the first 10 minutes of it, explaining what today’s vaccines really are.

Anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine, wherever you choose to stand, you need to be aware of the facts. Research before you or your children get vaccinated. Research deep and make sure you know everything about it.

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