Can the Size of the Female Genitals Be Measured?

When it comes to the size of the genitals, it usually refers to the male private parts, rather than the female.

However, according to the ancient Kama Sutra, there are small, medium, and large female reproductive organs. Even though the dimensions of the female sexual organs haven’t been subjected to a research to the same extent as the size of the male ones, a number of studies have established the average measurement of the female genitals.

The Average Size of the Female Genitals

Delighted and surprised pretty female teenager

Delighted and surprised pretty female teenager

Back in 1966, a U.S. study conducted by two scholars, William Masters and Virginia Johnson, has found out the average measurements regarding the size of the female sex organ. The researchers examined 100 women who have never been pregnant, and they concluded that the average depth of the female genitals is between 7 and 8 centimeters.

According to the findings of this study, the length of a male sexual organ should be 8 centimeters in order to satisfy a woman with average measurements.

Nevertheless, regardless of the size of the female genitals, the area that is considered to be important is the outer one-third.

The famous G-spot, which according to many is just a mere myth, is located in the anterior wall of the vagina, meaning that it is accessible by men with smaller genitals. So, the popular belief that the size is important might not be true after all.

Recent studies, conducted on women who have given birth, showed that the depth of the smallest female sex organ is 6.9 centimeters, while the largest is 14.8 centimeters.

Although these data are official, a final conclusion can be reached by making a comparison between the female and the male genitals.

A new study has revealed that the average penis size is 13.2 centimeters when erect and 9.1 centimeters when non-erect. Therefore, the conclusion imposes itself.


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