How to Burn Arm Fat Fast

When a person gets their regular exercise, the results are visible after a short period of time. But have you been doing the right exercises?

People work out on a certain part of their body, per say, the back, the legs, stomach. But what about those small parts of the body to which we never give much significance while working out? More precisely, the arm fat.

Even though is it less likely for people who work out regularly to have flabby arms, this is for those not so lucky exceptions.

Burn Arm Fat Fast

Burn Arm Fat Fast

This can have a great impact on a person’s self-confidence, especially with the women, who dislike when anything is not where it’s supposed to be, particularly when in formal attire.

Fortunately, there are some exercises that are constructed just for toning the biceps and triceps, giving the arm a lovely new shape and look, and we are going to share them with you. I hope you will find them helpful.

Most of these exercises are rather simple and can be performed at any place, when having a break from work or waiting for your meal to cook.

You can start with the arm rotating exercise. All you have to do is stand straight, with a little space between your legs, raise your arms to a height parallel to the ground and then rotate your hands clockwise.

Do this exercise 10 to 15 times, each time with 20 turns. Next, you can cross your arms like scissors. Stand in the same position as the previous one, only this time, you will cross your arms in front of your body, left arm over right, then vice versa. Do this as much as possible during the day, for this workout is very important for shaping the arms you want.

Afterwards, for the next exercise you are still in the same position, standing straight up, but this time stretching your arms to each side, with your palms facing forward.

Then, you just turn your arms around and your palms backwards with only one motion. Then, you get back in the primary position.

Repeat this for 20 times, and do it regularly, twice a day. Now, prepare yourself, for these next couple of exercises may seem easy, but can easily leave you short of breath.

Stand up straight, stretch your arms to the each side, and make fists out of your hands. Roll in the elbows, so that the fists can be even with your chest. Then roll them out again. Do this repeatedly 20 times.

You are probably familiar with the term „Namaste“. It is a respectful greeting, and this time, it can help you with your flabby arms. Only, you will stand straight up, with arms extended over your head, and you will fold them backwards, making the „namaste position“.

This exercise is extremely good for your triceps. When you’re done with that one, place yourself in a slightly bent positon, buttocks sticking out to the back, and raise your arms diagonally.

Bring them backwards, so that the elbows will be positioned to your sides. If you’re fond of feeling like you’re getting most out of a workout, you should do regular push-ups and wall push-ups, which is exactly like the regular ones, only you’re standing up straight and you’re pushing against a wall.

Finally, for this one you will be needing a chair. Sit on the chair, and then just make one step with one leg, the other one will follow, and lift yourself off the chair with your arms while they support you by holding the chair to it’s bottom.

Remember never to move your feet. Lift yourself up and pull yourself down with the help of your arms, and do this 5 series for 15 times, with a minute rest between them.

Maybe you’re a little out of breath now, but this exercise is also very significant and you simply cannot skip it. Kneel on the floor with your hands by your side.

Raise your left leg so your lef foot would be firmly on the ground, and leave your right leg behind. Then stretch your left arm behind you to the furthest, and bend it by your side at a 90-degree angle. Switch legs and do the same, 20 times each arm and leg.

Keep using these exercises not only when you see results, but also afterwards. They are good for your health too. Continue doing your regular workouts, eat healthy, give your body plenty of fluids. Rest as much as you feel your body requires between exercises and do them as much as you feel necessary throughout the day.

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