A Common Product Causes Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is spread everywhere, all over the world. One of the victims of breast cancer is Jane Plant, a scientist who was been fighting it since 1987.

When it came back for the fifth time, she was determined to do something about it. Again. She is convinced that this particular disease is connected with animal products.

Product Causes Breast Cancer

Product Causes Breast Cancer

When she finally had a conversation with her husband, they both came to the conclusion that the women in China seemed not to develop any cancer cells, it happened to one in 100.000 women.

On the other hand, in the west, the case is one in 12 women.that is a great difference. Giving the fact that they both had previously worked there, they started thinking what do the Chinese women do differently in order to prevent the cancer cells from creating.

They had checked that information and it turned out it was true. If a Chinese woman goes to live in another country, eventually she will have the same possibility of getting diagnosed with cancer as all the other women. But not in China. They are different. And no one knows why.

Then, her husband recalled that on his last trip to China, he was provided with powdered milk because the dairy industry had not yet reached that country, so naturally, people there did not consume any dairy products.

So, Jane Plant decided to do the same – throw away every dairy product she had and turn to a Chinese diet, where she also cut down on animal protein, as well as organic yogurt.

Unbelievably, but her cancer dissapeared within the year when she began with the diet, and remained like that for the next 18 years.

When she was utterly convinced that her diet had worked, she developed a programme containing the diet as it should be held, the same way as it is in the rural areas of China.

She believes that this is not the only reason for her being cured, but that it has made a great significance. Other than the diet, she recommends the regular chemotherapies and a stress reduced environment.

At the end, she claims that going dairy free was the best decision she made. Milk, butter, yogurt and cheese – these things are all excluded from her everyday meals. In her words, the milk of the cow is good for the calves, but not for people.

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