10 Year Old Boy Develops Odd Sores after Playing in a Bounce House

Playing in inflatable bounce houses is one of the most favorite children’s activities. However, this common birthday attraction can be a serious threat to your child’s health.

There have been encountered various injuries from these houses, such as cuts, neck fractures, broken bones, and concussions. One of the victims of the inflatable bounce houses is a 10-year-old boy who developed very strange sores on his skin after playing in one of these houses.

The Boy Was Diagnosed with a Staph Infection


Brenda Sanderson noticed strange sores on the skin of her 10-year-old son after attending a birthday party. The sores started to appear throughout the entire body of this little boy.

Mrs. Sanderson initially thought that they were just burns from the hot plastic of the bounce house. However, the sores soon started to increase in size, so she took her child to the doctor. The doctors confirmed that this boy had a severe staph infection.

The staph infections can be developed as a result of playing in a contaminated inflatable bounce house which is not cleaned properly.

These infections can be extremely dangerous if the patients don’t receive a proper treatment. If the bacteria enter the bloodstream, lungs, heart, bones, and joints, the staph infection can result in death.

If you decide to rent a bounce house, you should consult the owner of the house about their cleaning procedure, in order to keep your child safe and to avoid any grave consequences.

In case you notice an appearance of odd sores on your child’s skin, you should immediately take him to the doctor.

John Borsov

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