This Baby Was Born With A Full Head Of Hair Here’s How The Internet Reacted

It is not every day that we find out that someone already has their destiny decided. And not even by the parents, or grandparents, but by the entire population of the earth.

Well, at least the ones who have internet access. This is what happened. The internet practically exploded when a young married couple posted a picture of their newborn, two and a half months old, only it wasn’t an ordinary picture.

Born With A Full Head Of Hair

Born With A Full Head Of Hair

It seemed to be that their baby girl was born with a full set of hair on her head. Naturally, people reacted.

People probably envy her hair, so everyone started making funny posts and creating funny pictures using lousy photoshop, making this phenomena go viral in an extremely short period of time.

A 34 year old web developer says that his cousin saw the picture and probably found it really funny, so he reposted it on Reddit, making a smart comment that the baby looked like a news anchor with that much hair. Apparently, it wasn’t only the cousin that found this situation hilarious.


The parents don’t seem to mind that their baby is getting so much media attention. Other than the hair, the baby is beautiful and has a smile that can light up a room.

Here are some of the witty comments that we found to be the most creative – Hairy Potter, anchorbaby (where the head of the baby is photoshopped onto a body of an anchor person), Head & Shoulders (a bottle of the shampoo with the hair of the baby instead of a bottle cap), the new Wolverine, Elvis is back (this one is one of the most favorable, where the head of the baby is photoshopped on the body of Elvis Presley, and another one where she’s dancing to the Jailhouse Rock), and a bunch of other hilarious and catchy memes and jokes.



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