Call the Police if you Notice this Black Dot on Someone

In cases of crisis all of us have to be alert, all of the time. But what do we do when a silent crisis strikes us? We know it exists, but we have no idea how to help, right? Well, this is one of those crisis that no one speaks about, but everybody know about it.

Black Dot

Black Dot

Have you been to the market lately, or just went out to get a cup of coffee and the lady who served you coffee had a black dot on the palm of her hand? This is something you have to react to fast. This means that this woman is part of the black dot campaign.

The black dot campaign started recently on Facebook and has only one purpose only – to recognize with ease those who are victims of a domestic abuse.

To you, this just may seem like an innocent black dot on their hand, but to them it means a desperate cry for help.

This dot represents the level of danger they’re in, and it is big. Please, when you see someone on the street with this dot, ask them if they need help of any kind, and even call the police if you have to.

According to those who are organizers of this campaign, more than 6000 people joined them within the first 24 hours and six women were helped.

This is a great step forward. The black dot campaign means that the person wearing it has been subjected to severe domestic violence and cannot speak about it because the violator is watching their every move. This dot is many people’s way out.

One of the survivors even shared her story. She was pregnant and her husband was extremely abusive, with words and with use of force.

She could barely go to the check-ups for the baby alone, because he never ever left her side. When she finally got her minute alone with her doctor, she grabbed a pen, and wrote the words HELP ME on his hand. She did not have to say a single word, and she was taken care of immediately.

You see, people in the world are suffering more than you know, or can imagine. This is a chance to improve someone’s life, even save it! Take that shot, and if by any chance you see someone with a black dot, do not panic, and don’t give away your reaction, just approach that person calmly and help them. They will surely be forever grateful to you.


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