Benefits from Pineapple

What is of essential importance to the women who are aging are their breasts. As a woman’s years pass, the breasts tend to a more saggier look.

Because of that, women all over the world have been looking for a solution to this problem. And finally, here it is – and it is the pineapple.

Benefits from Pineapple

benefits from pineapple

If you add pineapple to your regular food menu, you will not regret it, because the pineapple contains antioxidants, which do your breasts good and have them a little elevated.

In aging women, the skin tends to soften and loses the elasticity, and what the pineapple does here is getting your body the proper nutrients for skin elasticity, and contributes to the final results.

Also, with their properties, good for fighting cancer, eating a pineapple is a habit you must develop.

Have a pineapple smoothie

This is something you can start off your day with. Just mix chopped pieces of pineapple with yogurt, water and some ice cubes. You can drink this every day as a breakfast or a snack before lunch.

What is more interesting is that pineapples contain bromelain, an enzyme which breaks down all the complex proteins in the body, and helps with joint and muscle pain, inflammation and arthritis.

Moreover, a pineapple a day helps the body get 130% of it’s daily vitamin C intake. It strengthens the immune system and protests from all sorts of infections and diseases.

More pineapple benefits

If you have digestion problems, eating a pineapple can make that problem go away, for it has the power to improve the digestive system.

Because of it’s richness in manganese, it strengthens the bones, protects against mouth cancer and lowers the chances of getting a cough or the flu.

Blood circulation, blood pressure, even helping with the menstrual cycle, the pineapple is a fruit sent from the gods.
Only pregnant women must be careful with it, for excessive consumption of pineapple may lead to miscarriage. Other than that, with the load of properties it bears within, I don’t see a reason why not to run to the store right now and buy one. Consume it daily, and health will follow.

John Borsov

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