Things you Have to Do Before you Grow Old

Today we are going to give you a list of things you will regret when you’re older. This list is to remind you that you are alive and young, and save this list so that you are also reminded never to explore.

Before you Grow Old

Before you Grow Old

  • If you do not travel while you’re still young, you will regret it later. All of us have been given a chance to travel which we’ve declined for many different and yet not so valid reasons. Don’t make up excuses, pack up your bags and leave now.
  • You will regret not learning a new language. How many languages do you actually speak? Two, maybe three? Well, you should not have excuses when this subject comes up, so pick up those books and start learning.
  • Never stay in a bad relationship. When you look back on it, you will regret not leaving sooner.
  • Always use the right amount of sunscreen when you go to the beach. Don’t regret it later, while looking at your dark spots on your skin.
  • If a musician or your favorite band comes in your town, go see them! Don’t wait for the next time, there might not be another chance.
  • Don’t let fear overcome you, don’t be scared of doing things, whatever it is.
  • Take the physical activity as one of your priorities. You will regret it if you don’t do so when you’re 50 or 60 years old.
  • Don’t let yourself be defined by gender roles.
  • Quit your terrible job. Yes, you do have to pay your bills, but if you do not make a change now, you will wake up in your 40s, stuck in hell.
  • Spend your days learning and trying really hard for your grades in school, they will pay you back in time.
  • This is one of the most important. Always be aware of how beautiful you really are. You energy and your positive vibes can change the world, remember that.
  • You can’t lose anything if you say to someone that you love them, so do not be afraid of saying it more often.
  • This may sound a bit dated, but seriously, listen to the advices your parents give you. They do have much more experience than you, so most of what they tell you is true, listen carefully.
  • Don’t care too much about what other people think, but don’t be too self-absorbed either.
  • Support other people’s dream, but let yours always be a priority to you.
  • Don’t hold grudges against the people you love, and stand up for yourself.
  • Focus on what makes you happy in life and go after it. Move as fast as you can and experience as much as you can handle.
  • Volunteer everywhere you can.
  • Ask your grandparents questions about their lives. You will be amazed by what they will tell you.
  • Never neglect the health of your teeth.
  • Know how to cook at least one awesome meal.
  • Work, but don’t make it the first thing on your list. You will regret not living your life to the fullest later if you focus on your work while you’re younger.
  • Stop and appreciate every moment with your family, friends, partner.
  • Always finish what you start.
  • Master at least one party trick.
  • Don’t let yourself be defined by any cultural expectations.
  • Play with your children as much as you can.
  • Let friendships run their course. If you stop communicating with some of them, let that be. Things change constantly and you have to accept that.

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