Before and After Weight Loss – 110 Pounds in 10 Months with no Exercise

When dealing with weight issues, it is really hard to focus on the task of losing a few pounds. It takes persistancy and a lot of strength.

And sometimes it even happens that no matter how you eat, what you eat or how much exercise you do, there are no results to be shown for the effort. Well, this is not the case with this girl, who managed to lose 110 pounds in 10 months, and with no exercise whatsoever.

Before and After Weight Loss

Before and After Weight Loss

This girl’s name is Lilly, and she is glad to help anyone who is in need of an advice on how to lose weight. Even though she is not a doctor, she decided to start a ketogenic diet where she gets 20 – 25 net carbohydrates intake a day.

It is known that when the body spends the carbs, it turns on spending the fat. If you are looking for a reason to start, just say to yourself that you really want it, start and do not cheat.

She claims she threw away every bit of junk food she had right before Christmas, and she didn’t ask for junk food since then.

The point when it hit her to start with this diet is when she got on a scale and was shocked by the number she saw. Now,she is more than satisfied with herself, but tends to continue with her dieting plan and lose just a little bit more weight.

Something more about the Keto diet

Ketogenic diet is a low carb diet. The dieting plan is focused on eating foods that are rich in protein, and avoid carbs. In that way, the body is forced to burn fat rather than carbs.

It works in a way that, when you reduce the carb intake, the body takes the energy from burning the fat, which are deposits of ketones. It is extremely important on focusing on the proteins and keep to the regular daily intake dose.

For this diet, you only shouldn’t eat any type of bread. It is recommendable to eat chicken, pork, ham, beef, veal etc. salmon and tuna, and all other types of fish.

You should also include milk and dairy products in your daily meals. Try this diet and see the results for yourself – you will not regret it.

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