Good Bye Back Pain – Treat it in a Natural Way

Do you have pain in your lower back? It is killing you, this unpleasant, terrible pain that you do not know how to get rid of. This is one of the biggest public medical problems and it usually occurs when the body lacks exercise or any sort of work.

It is known under many different names, one of which is lumbago, and another one is hexenschuss, or witch stab, which can say a lot about the sudden character and emergence of the condition. Now let us go a little deeper into the issue.

Good Bye Back Pain


First, you must be aware that the spine is an anatomical set of vertebrae – seven of them cervical, 12 thoracic and five lumbar mobile, then you have cartilage rings, they allow the vertebrae launch, followed by a lot of nerves, muscles, ligaments and blood vessels, all together form the main assembly, the one that holds the body.

The vertebrae are formed in the shape of a tube, with a canal in the middle. This is where the spicanl cord and the nerve roots of the extremities are settled.

Other than giving us the upstraight posture, the spine has multiple other functions. The spine holds together all the mechanical actions of the body, like the twisting, bending, pressure, train etc. and can sometimes be overused.

Some of the parts can be a little mobile, the neck has full mobility and the breasts almost none. So, when there is a transition between some parts of the spine, leads to degenerative changes, ultimately leading to the source of the pain within the body.

The category with the highest risk of this are the people that go through several hours of hard working or several hours in a sedentary job.

It also does not exclude the elderly men with degenerative process, people with congenital abnormalities of the spine, osteoporosis or a spine injury after an operation of it.

But how to treat or prevent this condition? There is a herb that goes by the name of comfrey, and grows on moist meadows, ditches and fields near water, which can be of help to you.

There are several ointments containing this herb that has passed the five day test to fully heal the back pain. The research was ddone on 120 people with both upper and lower back pain.

This research was conducted by the German Sports University in Bonn, and the results of it were part of the British Journal of Sports Medina.

The extract that was taken from the roots of the comfrey proved to be incredibly healing and effective when trying to reduce acute pain.

This plant has large roots and hairy leaves and it has been used by herbalists since the ancient times. There have apparently been other studies that have showed how the comfrey, when in the form of a gel, can remove any type of joint pain when dislocated by osteoarthritis and in the knee.

Final note – it should not be taken in the form of supplements and capsules because it is highly dangerous to the liver.

John Borsov

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