She Put this on her Hands and her Age Spots Vanished

During their lifetime, all people will experience the age spots. They are dark, flat and tan spots that appear on the skin, and they can be different in size.

They usually appear on the hands, face, shoulders and arms – basically those parts of the body who are more often exposed to direct sunlight.

She Put this on her Hands and her Age Spots Vanished

Age Spots

Well, these spots are called age spots for a reason – they seem to appear with people who are over 50 years old, but recently it was found out that young people who stand in the sun for too long, or even use a tanning bed too often, may have them too. These spots have melanin, the pigment in the upper skin that gives us the skin color.

So let is explain the process. When we expose our skin to direct sunlight (UV lights), the rays boost the production of the pigment leading to a tanned skin. The skin darkens so that it would prevent the other layers of skin from being damaged by the UV lights.

Of course, you will always need sun protection. If you have lighter skin then we are sure that you know that you re much more prone to these spots.

You should really take care of yourself when it comes to the age spots, and check them out often, for if they have changed, you will have to consult a doctor. If you notice some of these changes please see a medical person:

  • if the spots come along with bleeding, redness, itching and tenderness
  • has a dark pigment
  • it’s size has grown rapidly
  • has a border that is irregular
  • has an unusual color

There are plenty of surgical ways how to treat or remove these spots, such as laser therapy, bleaching creams, dermabrasion, chemical peels and freezing.

But before you decide to try any of these, you should probably try and treat them with a natural, home made remedy.

A woman that lives in Dallas has tried this remedy we’re about to share with you and claims that her spots have completely disappeared! You will need onions and apple cider vinegar.

For the preparation, take one fresh onion, chop it up nicely and then take a mortar and pestile in order to pulverize it.

Place this in a blender, and put apple cider vinegar. Make sure the vinegar is raw, unfiltered and organic. Blend well. Then, when the mixture is created, just apply it directly on your age spots with the help of a cotton ball.

The onion is an antioxidant, which means it will neutralize the action of the free radicals. The apple cider vinegar will eliminate the dead skin cells and make way for the healthy new skin that is under it.

Finally, never forget to apply sunscreen protection to your skin. Take care of yourself in this way and your spots will vanish.

John Borsov

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