About Me

I always believed that we have one chance to live and we should live every day like it’s the last day in our lives. Despite intense study I spend all my youthful days on traveling, hanging out with a lot of friends and partying hard. And then one day I meet the love of my life ,one year after the day came when I thought that all my wourld will be changed.

I become pregnant with my first child and in all eight months of my pregnancy I feard that my life will be drastically changed and I will lose myself. It was very hard even in the first couple of months although my daughter was the best thing that ever hapend to me.I never had a time for me ,for the things that made me happy and that freaked me out.

Then I found a way how to keep the young girl in me,keep the girl who take care of her body, look and free spirid and in the same time to enjoy in the beauty of life as a mother with all that good and bad things. Before I decided to create this blog I asked my children for idea of a name ,they told me that it should be “ Awesome mom” so I guess I make to be good mom J)

Inspiration for this site is taken for all of the things that makes me happy and for all of the ideas that I have and I want to share with all moms in the wourld.You must know there is always a way for everything. If you had or you are having the same problem and fears as me ,I hope here you will find some answers ,I hope you wll find a way and find yourself again.

I hope you will find inspiration how to never lost your spirit ,never lost yourselfe in the role as a mother,on the contrary, to reflecs all that spirit in your children. So mom come on let’s rock together.

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