6 Alkaline Foods that will Repair and Produce New Cells in your Body

Your body can face many changes due to pollution, stress, or illnesses. In order to live a healthy life, you need to rejuvenate your body on a cellular level.

Alkaline Foods

Alkaline Foods

The most effective way to clean, repair and produce new cells in your body is to consume alkaline foods. Here are the best alkaline foods that will rapidly repair your body’s damaged cells and significantly strengthen your immune system.

Wild Rice

Wild rice is effective in stimulating the production of white blood cells which are the first line defense of your body.

The wild rice is also beneficial for promoting a production of collagen. The collagen is necessary for repairing cells of tissues, blood vessels, and organs.


The oregano contains organic compounds that are important for protecting your body against many diseases in the gut.

By consuming oregano, you will stimulate the white blood cell production, which will help you to rapidly recover from illnesses.

Burro Bananas

Burro bananas are a great source of iron and copper. The consumption of burro bananas is helpful in increasing the blood count in your body and boosting the production of red blood cells.


The soursop fruit is highly beneficial for your overall health since it has an ability to get rid of toxins from your cells and to keep them clean.

Also, the antioxidants found in the soursop are efficient in promoting the production of white blood cells.


Due to their rich content of antioxidants, the plums are one of the best foods that can improve your immune defense. Also, they are noted for their ability to decrease the chances of a formation of tumor cells in your body.



Teff is rich in nutrients which are essential for cell growth and development. The consumption of teff will help you to stimulate the growth of new healthy cells in your body and to repair the old ones.

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