10 Home Remedies For Headache

Have you ever felt like your head is about to explode after a couple of hours in front of your TV or laptop? Has it ever been hard for you to function properly because of a headache after a night of drinking?

People say that one of their most common problems to complain about is the headache. There is not a single person that has not been affected by it at some point.

Remedies For Headache

Remedies For Headache

It can be caused by dehydration, sleep deprivation, increased intake of alcohol and cigarettes, pain killers, trouble with the neck or even the eyes etc.

But, because the reason for it is often dehydration, drinking a glass of water may calm down the headache in a few minutes.

And though people buy over-the-counter medicine to help them with this problem, it can be solved in a much healthier way, with several home remedies.

For an example, you can use ginger. By mixing equal parts of lemon juice with ginger juice you can relieve the pressure causing your headache.

Also, you can boil ginger and inhale the vapor, if you find it an easier solution. You can also use dry ginger, just mix one teaspoon of it with one teaspoon of water and make a paste.

Afterwards apply this on your forehead and keep it until the pain goes away. Of course, here is the best known remedy for a migraine – an ice pack. Just apply the pack on the back of your head to release the pressure.

Furthermore, and unexpectedly, we have the basil. It works as a relaxant of the muscles and it seems like a perfect fit for curing a headache.

Just add several leaves in a boiling water, add a little honey and drink up the hot beverage. You will improvements in no-time.

Although, if you find yourself suffering from a tension headache the cure for you will probably be the lavender oil.

The soothing compounds of the lavender are extraordinary helpful. Though, beware never to take lavender oil orally, you may only inhale it.

Furthermore, mint juice and peppermint oil both contain menthol which does good to the blood vessels, preventing headache.

If you decide to go with the mint juice, just rub it on your forehead and leave it for 10 minutes. And if you go the other direction, the best recommendation would be to slip a couple of peppermint oil drops in a boiling water and inhale the steam.

In addition to this, you can use rosemary tea, for its calming properties can make a headache dissapear. Drink rosemary tea, but be careful, it is not suitable for people with epilepsy.

If you are not fond of rosemary, you should take into consideration cloves. Just crush a few of them and inhale the smell until your head feels a little lighter.

If by any chance you cannot any of these remedies, you can take a few coriander leaves, crush them to extract the juice and massage your forehead and temples with it as long as necessary.

When you’re suffering from a headache, a small apple mix will to just the trick. It will relieve you from your pain, but the problem is that you have to eat a fresh apple with salt on it.

If you think you can handle it, be sure to try it. Finally, we have acupressure. The flesh between the thumb and the index finger on your hands holds a point which is believed to be the releasing headache point, so be sure to massage for 2 min first one hand, then the other.

If you have constant headaches, including bananas and pomegranate juice in your diet may provide you some help. Bear in mind that if none of these tips help you prevent your headache, then you should definitely consult a doctor for further actions.

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